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5 min read

Divide & Conquer With ITSM Tools: The Power of Ticket Groups

By DeskDirector Marketing on Jan 5, 2022 3:24:26 AM

There are plenty of impressive ITSM tools that will enhance your business. Yet even among the many functionalities that ITSM software offers, ticket groups are certainly a stand-out. Ticket groups are a great way to streamline your ITSM processes and reduce clutter for all your users. Read on to learn how tickets groups work, who benefits from them, and why they bring so much value to your entire organization. 

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4 min read

Task Lists: The ITSM Tool That Helps Achieve Smoother Management.

By DeskDirector Marketing on Dec 8, 2021 2:06:30 AM

Project management is the fuel that powers your organization’s operations, from customer service to HR to internal IT. ITSM software is essential to help you execute standard procedures and run your to-do lists more smoothly. Certain ITSM tools can really accelerate your goals, particularly task lists. Task lists within your ITSM platform can help you keep your teams organized, manage tickets, and complete projects more efficiently and effectively.   

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