Differentiate Yourself with Desk Director

Your customers need more than helpdesk support, they need an experience to remember. Giving customers something extra is what makes you stand out from the herd. With DeskDirector you add the ‘wow’ affect in your service offering. You can fire up a chat session, automate ticket replies and send broadcasts in critical situations.

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Exceed Customer Service Expectations


Become Their Go-To Technical Adviser

Share educational and marketing  content from the Learning and Content Center to become an authoritative figure for all things technical.


Automate Standard Operating Procedures

With Custom Flows, add automation to your helpdesk system. Attach custom forms and solve tickets without taking up engineer time.


Quick Ticket Resolution

Ask your customers the right questions during a support request by using custom forms. This helps you get all the information in one go, instead of waiting for your customers to respond.


Effortless Experience for Technicians

Give your technicians a helpdesk tool - DD Tech - a lean interface entirely focused on solving tickets fast.


Notify Clients Quickly

Send out Broadcasts to notify clients of critical outages. Make them sticky if they're critical, so your clients will never miss a notification from you.


Clients Can Track Progress

Inform your customers at each stage of a ticket with relevant and timely notifications.