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Improve efficiency and productivity level of your Level 1&2 Technicians. Check out are all new product DD Tech!

MSP's #1 Customer Experience Portal 

To delight your customers with fast and accurate IT support. 

To use this product you need to have ConnectWise or Autotask, so we can sync your data and you can update your clients with fresh info as fast as possible

DeskDirector Customer Portal for MSP

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A better alternative to Autotask & ConnectWise Customer Portal

DD Portal is #1 Customer Experience Platform

DD Portal makes your customers feel talented and in-control when requesting IT support. Using DD Portal, customers don’t wait in silence after emailing a support request. Instead, they immediately see the ticket progress through your system and are updated at every stage... read more

When your favorite customer has a problem, it needs resolving pronto. They are unhappy and want you sort it out. How do they alert you? Typically, by an email to ConnectWise or Autotask. An autorespond email goes straight back, while you fix it within the terms of the SLA. Job done, with happy customers.

That’s in an ideal world. What really happens is this: First, you ask your customer to explain themselves by confronting them with a blank sheet, demanding as much context as possible.

But your customer is not an IT expert. You are. Why should it fall to them to draw the details together? Without the IT knowledge, describing the issue can be difficult. That’s why most customers do it poorly or not at all. You get ‘Email not working’ in the subject line, and nothing else. This initiates an ineffective, error-prone, time-consuming and annoying process. With little context, the autorespond email doesn’t indicate when you will get to the problem, it just tells them that you have been notified.

For most customers, there’s silence until you fix it hours, days or weeks later.

With more difficult multi-stage fixes, there will be multiple time entries. Each generates an email. These emails clog your customer’s inbox, while providing little information of value, beyond alerting them to the most recent activity. And if the customer wants to update you, they have to start a new email or pick up the phone, interrupting workflow and further driving inefficiency.

This leads to a common MSP pain point: while the SLA is met,  the absence of clear communication on progress and inability to manage expectations means customers are dissatisfied with the service provided.

DD Portal addresses this issue directly. It is an essential service for the competitive MSP which cares about delivering superior customer service.

With Active Directory integration, DD Portal identifies customers automatically, allowing them to directly initiate new tickets and review existing ones.

Service requests are no longer blank pages. DD Portal request types guide users to provide all the relevant information you need to solve their problem.

Whenever your technicians work on a ticket, it is automatically updated and shared with the customer. And if the customer wants to provide more information or interact, they do so directly on the ticket itself; no need for telephone tag when your techs are easily reachable through chats.

Even better, DD Advantage provides a range of additional features which equip your business to go above and beyond in service. A great way to grow accounts and win new business, with no extra work for you or your technicians. View all features here

DD Portal synchronizes with ConnectWise and Autotask. Any ticket update in your PSA is automatically replicated in DD Portal. Any update in DD Portal is automatically replicated to your PSA. Learn how DD Portal works

With its superior features and functionality, DD Portal provides enhanced performance and a platform for customer service improvement.


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Mouse & Earbuds to be resposive to your client
CRM keyboard

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Once our clients used DeskDirector, we instantly differentiated ourselves from others and started winning new business.
Nick Moran, Evolve IT
With the integration provided by DeskDirector, ConnectWise is turned into a weapon of empowerment.
Jesse Jenken, BulletProof Infotech
DeskDirector provides a superior customer portal experience.
Jeannine Edwards, Director, ConnectWise

Really loving having DeskDirector. It’s a real game changer for us.
Chris Davies, Evologic
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