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Deliver Better Customer Service with the Ultimate Customer Success Portal








See how you can improve customer experience with DeskDirector

Apart from being a better alternative to ConnectWise Client Portal and AutoTask Client Portal, DeskDirector elevates the end-user experience by leaps and bounds with advanced client portal features.






User Portal: Where Your Customers Live

This is the user-facing, front-end portal. It's where your clients go to log and manage their tickets, communicate with your support team, and track their service requests. 

You control the look and feel of the user portal. You can create a unique customer portal software experience for specific companies or even individual users, from the logo, design and color of the portal, right through to the data they can access, the types of service requests they can log, and content they can view.






Tech Portal: Where Your Engineers Live

Your HelpDesk technicians can use the DD Tech interface to manage tickets and client communication.

It sits on top of your helpdesk ticketing system. Its sleek, modern, and easy to use interface speeds up and simplifies the onboarding process for new engineers.

DD Tech bundles all the core PSA features, places them in an intuitive layout, and allows engineers to triage tickets quickly and efficiently.



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Admin Portal: Where You Live

This is the back-end that controls everything related to the look, feel, and functionality of your portal. It's the engine under the hood where and your team change and control, settings, permissions, settings, features.

Here, you create your Service Catalogue using the Request Types and Forms Designer features, build  branded email notifications, control what each company and contact can see, set up your branding, and configure all other administrative portal processes and functions.




A holistic approach to customer service


DeskDirector is a secure solution

AWS Cloud

Servers and Database are deployed to the AWS cloud. Our security settings are conforming to AWS' s recommended best practices.

Secure Passwords

All passwords saved in our system has been hash and salted. The only way to recover the password is to reset.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliant


Our database is hosted on AWS and inside internal network. To add extra security, it's also IP locked.

SSL Encryption

Our server is protected by HTTPS and follows best practices. Received an overall rating of “A” on SSL labs report, we are encrypted end-to-end.

DeskDirector provides a superior customer portal experience.
Jeannine Edwards
Former Director of Community | ConnectWise
Once our clients used DeskDirector, we instantly differentiated ourselves from others and started winning new business.
Nick Moran
Evolve IT
Really loving having DeskDirector. It's a real game changer for us.
Chris Davies
Managing Director | Evologic
With the integration provided by DeskDirector, ConnectWise has turned into a weapon of empowerment.
Jesse Jenken
BulletProof Infotech
DeskDirector is our hardest working team member, providing value every day to our Customers and Internal Staff.
Aaron Corney
Service Desk Manager | LANcom Technology

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