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Divide & Conquer With ITSM Tools: The Power of Ticket Groups

January 5, 2022

There are plenty of impressive ITSM tools that will enhance your business. Yet even among the many functionalities that ITSM software offers, ticket groups are certainly a stand-out. Ticket groups are a great way to streamline your ITSM processes and reduce clutter for all your users. Read on to learn how tickets groups work, who benefits from them, and why they bring so much value to your entire organization. 


How ITSM Ticket Groups Work 

Simply put, ticket groups are a feature that organizes tickets in a way that makes sense for your users. You logically link a set of users to a set of tickets in one group. Groupings are flexible and can work for functional teams, locations, big projects, or whatever categories are relevant for you. 

Within the ticket groups, you can set up automated approvals to trigger only within that group. For example, HR approvals can be directed to HR managers or approvers only. Ticket groups can be used for filtering within your ITSM software automation. And groups can publish their own content, work through their respective ticket workflows, and build their own service catalogs.


Centralized Solution: Reduce Disorganization & Save Costs With ITSM Ticket Groups 

ITSM tools aren’t just for the IT department –– the right ITSM software can be used for project management across your entire organization. Ticket groups help divide up functional teams within a single platform, so you are able to organize your groups but reduce the cost of paying for separate solutions for each department. 

Without ticket groups, it’s much more difficult to use a single platform for all your teams, locations, managers, etc. All the tickets and data are lumped into one platform without a sense of organization, which can lead to more time spent searching and sorting. Additionally, presenting your ITSM software as a giant data and task dump for all teams could lead to more errors, inappropriate access to information, or risky permission settings. 

Ticket groups allow you to consolidate your project management, tasks, ITSM processes, and information into a single platform while still creating structured groups that boost productivity. Plus, a single automated workflow platform saves you money across the board. 


ITSM Ticket Groups Drive Efficiency With Independent Approvals, Processes, Content, and Service Catalogs 

Once you have organized your ticket groups, you’ll likely notice an uptick in productivity. Each group can create its own automated approval system, so their tasks and workflows will align with their unique needs. Group autonomy means sharper, more simplified processes that accelerate daily operations.   

Additionally, groups can share educational content, training guides, and other materials in their independent library to quickly access relevant information. Groups can also set up their own service catalogs. For example, a manufacturing company would likely need to set up separate service catalogs for their factory location, office headquarters, and distribution teams. Service catalogs within ticket groups will push your organization toward higher efficiency and a more streamlined project structure. 


Protect Privacy, Confidential Data, and Proprietary Company Information With ITSM Ticket Groups 

ITSM tools are obviously great for productive teams, but ticket groups make it possible to protect sensitive company information from being spread beyond relevant stakeholders. Ticket groups can be completely private, so anyone outside the group won’t even know it exists. If a guest needs to become part of a group temporarily, they will only be able to see their ticket and nothing else. Group members will be able to see all tickets, and the group manager will be able to control permissions, memberships, and settings. 

Departments like HR would benefit from private ticket groups since they likely will deal with employee information, employee incidents, hiring, and termination. Yet, with the ITSM software automated workflow functionality, HR teams, upper management, finance, IT, cybersecurity, and others can still complete tasks, share private information and consolidate operations without the risk of exposure to the rest of the company.  


ITSM Ticket Groups and Other ITSM Tools Improve Your Processes 

Ticket groups within a robust ITSM software solution will simplify your processes, boost productivity, and protect business privacy. If you’re excited to learn more about how an ITSM platform can help you meet your productivity goals and business objectives, sign up for a free 14-day trial of DeskDirector. 

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