Microsoft SharePoint Ticketing System Integration

Streamlined Service Management Workflows

Empower your end-users to access your ticketing system directly from an IT services page to create and review tickets, access forms or start a chat session. 

DeskDirector’s Microsoft SharePoint integration allows you to embed deep links to your DeskDirector portal within an IT services page template provided by SharePoint - allowing businesses of all sizes to improve employee engagement, increase transparency and elevate your service delivery.

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Centralize Your IT Ticketing System with DeskDirector 


Streamline Ticketing Workflows

Start tickets, leverage custom forms and review ticket progress directly from your SharePoint pages.


Accelerate Ticket Resolutions

Enable techs to access documents they need and monitor their workflows without leaving SharePoint.


Improve Employee Experience

Keep tech and end-users up to date on ticketing progress and company updates with broadcasts and instant alerts within SharePoint.

Transform Your Service Management Experience   

Centralize Communication Within Microsoft SharePoint 

  • Accelerate support: Allow end-users to access DeskDirector ticketing within SharePoint to connect with support and easily submit a service request or start a chat with a technician. 
  • Improve tech collaboration: DeskDirector’s integration makes it easier for techs to share information, search for relevant document and coordinate their activities within SharePoint. 
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Maximize Employee Engagement  

  • User-friendly interface: DeskDirector makes advanced ticketing within SharePoint intuitive and easy to use, increasing employee ticketing adoption. 
  • Reliable processes: DeskDirector enables you to embed SOPs within tickets and access them while using SharePoint to create a standardized ticketing experience for end-users. 

Comprehensive Integrations for Your Microsoft Environment 

  • Custom workflows: Further integration with Microsoft Power Automate empowers techs to create custom workflows and manage approval flows, lists, and item and file permissions. 
  • Improve communication: Use the native DeskDirector + Microsoft Teams app to create a cohesive experience across your Microsoft environment. 
Faster Ticket Resolution
Higher CSAT
Increase in IT ROI

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Make IT Ticketing Seamless with DeskDirector 

Bring ticketing automation, seamless communication and faster ticketing resolution directly into your Microsoft SharePoint environment.