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Pricing and signup for DD Portal Basecamp


DD Portal Basecamp

You need to have Autotask or ConnectWise PSA to use the product. After you signup, you need to provide us with your PSA credentials so we can setup your instance and give you access to the portal. 

There are no extra charges per contact or member. Just one price for the product plus any advantage add-ons you would like to add. 


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Ticket Management
Creation, viewing, and administration of tickets.
100 custom request types
DD Web Version
Basecamp plan comes only with a web version. Windows & Mac versions can be purchased separately as an advantage component, please see below.
DD Custom Forms

Create unlimited custom forms for each client.

Learning and self-help
Branding & Theming

DD Portal can be branded with your name and logo.

And you can customize panel colors of the portal to your branding colors.

Approval System
VIP & FastTrack
If you purchase the DD Chat add-on then notifications will be in real time. Otherwise, there is up to 5 minutes delay. 
Viewing Invoices
Our most used integration is ConnectBooster.
Viewing Quotes
Our most used integration for Autotask is QuoteWerks and Quosal for ConnectWise.
Personalized access to boards/queues
PSA sync ConnectWise or Autotask

Advantage Add-on Components (Optional)

DD Portal for Windows DD Portal for Windows
DD Portal for Mac DD Portal for Mac
DD Chat DD Chat
DD Broadcast DD Broadcast
DD Custom Domain DD Custom Domain
Bigger Brains (MS Office Course) Bigger Brains (MS Office Course)
  • You can add advantage components to your Basecamp plan when you are ready.
  • It is one price per month for each component. We don't charge by extra members or devices. 
  • For more details please refer to FAQ section below.

Sherpa Onboarding

Our basecamp plan comes with a core onboarding which includes online lessons, admin manual, access to our knowledge base, and an hour Q&A session.

Sherpa Onboarding - is a personalized assistance to get a superior service experience to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Sherpa Onboarding includes 3 module program covering:

Admin console

By the end of this session you will be familiar with the admin console and have the web portal up and running. 

Advantage configuration

In this session we’ll be customizing the DeskDirector experience for your key customers. 


By the end of this session you’ll be left with a fine tuned DeskDirector system with a highly trained service team.

Sherpa Onboarding is $495 one-off fee, includes a 30-day full money refund.

 *You will need to tick a box after you sign up so we can implement Sherpa for you.


Sign Up Here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DD Portal Basecamp?

DD Portal Basecamp is the easy and low-cost way to get the superior customer portal. No more stop/start emails and expensive phone calls.

DD Portal Basecamp comes only with a web version. 

At any time, you can buy DD Portal for Windows or DD Portal for Mac. You will get all the same features as in our Basecamp web version. 

It is $97 per month and you can use it for 3000 active contacts (3000 contacts that are using DD Portal per month).

If you do go for more than 3000 contacts (congratulations on that!) we will ask you to upgrade to 3000+ at extra $97 per month. 

What are DD Portal Advantage Components?

DD Portal Advantage components are the next steps beyond the DD Portal basecamp.

DD Portal Advantage is the way to build on that great engagement. Continuously improve your customer services. Choose from the menu of service components built into the admin console.

What’s the anniversary date?

That’s the date of the month. So if you signed up on the 15th January, your anniversary date would be the 15th of every month.

What are the PSA’s API credentials?

For Autotask you need to select a Resource account we can use and send us those credentials

For ConnectWise you need to create an API account in the admin section (we provide detailed instructions).

How much configuration does it take?

Once we have your PSA’s API credentials & branding your customers can login and create tickets.

So not much configuration for the basics. But you are missing out if you stop there.

DD Portal has a large number of ways to customize the service experience for your important customer.

We suggest you start with Request types and work from there.

How long to get live?

Most systems are live within 24 hours.

You need to send us the credentials for your PSA’s API and upload your branding.

We take it from there and sync up your data.

Your customers will be live from their browsers on all platforms.

What PSAs do you work with?
  • Autotask
  • ConnectWise – Both On-Premise and Cloud
Do you offer free trials?

We don't offer free trials for DD Portal Basecamp, however, any advantage components are free* during your first month of Basecamp signup. 

For example, if you sign up for Basecamp on 5th of July, you will have a free trial for advantage until 5th of August. Except for DD Custom Domain.

We won’t charge until your anniversary date. You can turn components off if you like before the anniversary date.

Is DeskDirector GDPR Compliant?

At DeskDirector, we take your privacy very seriously, thus, systems and processes are GDPR compliant. Security and privacy have been designed into DeskDirector from the start.

Read more about it here

What currency do you charge in?
All DeskDirector's prices are in USD. 
How do you price advantage components?
  • Each advantage component priced individually. Your monthly subscription price would be $97 per month for Basecamp PLUS any advantage add-ons you choose.
  • For each component, it is one price based on your instance per month. We don’t charge for extra members or devices.
  • For example, if you decide to add DD Portal for Windows to your Basecamp, your total monthly fee is going to $144 per month (Basecamp plus DD Portal for Windows). 
How do I sign up and pay for DD Portal Advantage?
  • First, you need to sign up for DD Portal Basecamp. This is a core product. 
  • Then you will have an option to add any of the advantage components to your plan.
What if I forget to turn off the component?

If you forget to turn off the component and if you are few days over, we will prorate the charge.

If you turn off the component, you will not be charged from the next monthly billing cycle. 

So whenever I turn a feature on I am committing to pay until the next monthly cycle date?


Am I stuck on a long term contract?

No. You can cancel at any time in the month. Note the commitment is to your next monthly anniversary date.

If you signed up on the 15th January, your anniversary date would be the 15th of every month.

Just after your anniversary date, the commitment would be 30 days. The day before it would be a 1 day.

Will there be new Advantage offerings?

Yes. Keep an eye on our blog and on your admin console.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you need to cancel your subscription entirely, please contact us at support@deskdirector.com . This is the only address you can reach us for canceling your account.