DeskDirector + Microsoft Teams App for Ticketing Systems 

Embed Ticketing in Your Microsoft Environment 

DeskDirector’s official native Microsoft Teams app empowers both techs and end-users to leverage your ticketing system without leaving Teams.  

From starting tickets and receiving ticketing notifications to collaborating on resolutions, DeskDirector enhances the capabilities of your IT ticketing system and creates a seamless, efficient workflow that leads to 4x faster ticket resolutions and 20% higher user adoption.  


Trusted by 2,000+ Teams:

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Simplify and Improve Ticketing with DeskDirector and Microsoft Teams 


Centralize Your Operations

Limit context switching by embedding your entire ticketing system in Teams.


Accelerate Ticket Resolutions

Save your team time and tackle more tickets each day with automation.

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Prioritize Tickets

Remove the need for techs to manually route, categorize or update users on tickets.

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Improve IT Operations with Streamlined Workflows  

Create, Assign and Categorize Tickets with Ease 

  • Automatic ticket creation: Convert Teams messages into tickets and automatically embed the conversation context in the tickets. 
  • In-app notifications: Enable both techs and end-users to receive notifications within Teams when a new ticket is created or the status changes. 
  • Ticketing triage: In conjunction with Microsoft Power Automate, automatically route and escalate requests to the proper agent using tags and labels related to urgency and complexity. 

Centralize Ticketing Communications within Teams 

  • Built-in messaging: Communicate with other techs or end-users about tickets though messages and channels within the Teams app. 
  • Discussion threads: Collaborate on tickets without leaving the platform and maintain a log of the discussion for future reference. 
  • Group tags: Sync User Groups in DeskDirector to Teams Groups or Channels to automatically ensure the right personnel receive messages regarding the appropriate tickets. 

Boost Productivity with Automated Ticketing Workflows  

  • Automatic responses: Create automated responses that appear within Teams to reassure end-users their request has been received, provide useful information or update them on the status of their ticket. 
  • Queue tickets: Configure your Teams ticketing system to automatically queue tickets based on criteria such as urgency, how long they’ve been open or the nature of the request. 
Faster Ticket Resolution
Higher CSAT
Increase in IT ROI

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"DeskDirector is our hardest working team member, providing value every day to our customers and internal staff."

— Aaron Corney, Lancom Technology

"Once our clients used DeskDirector, we instantly differentiated ourselves from others and started winning new business."

— Nick Moran, Evolve IT

Simplify and Accelerate Ticketing with the DeskDirector + Microsoft Teams App

Leverage the full power of DeskDirector’s ticketing system within your Microsoft Teams environment to increase productivity, improve communication and make life easier for every user.