Automatic Ticket Routing with DeskDirector

Streamline approvals and accelerate resolutions for internal IT tickets

DeskDirector’s automated workflows ensure every ticket is sent to the right agent immediately.  

  • 4x faster ticket resolution 
  • 20% more customer satisfaction 
  • 100% hassle-free automation 
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Reduce Friction, Increase Efficiency 

IT automation

Automate Internal Ticketing Tasks

Set custom triggers and rules within ticketing workflows to create, route and resolve tickets faster.


Remove Bottlenecks

Simplify approvals and create custom rules to reduce queues and escalate requests based on urgency, user group and ticket type.


Improve IT Service Delivery

Automatically embed SOPs, task lists and documentation within tickets to deliver faster, more consistent resolutions.

How Much Time Do You Waste Rerouting IT Tickets?

How Much Time Do You Waste Rerouting IT Tickets?

  • Ticket-specific rules: Develop intricate custom workflows to ensure every ticket is sent to a tech with the right skillset. 
  • Task lists: Leverage the custom forms designer to include all information techs need within the ticket and avoid back-and-forths. 
  • Microsoft integrations: Embed smart ticketing within the Microsoft environment so your techs don’t have to switch between platforms. 
Faster Ticket Resolution
Higher CSAT
Increase in IT ROI

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"DeskDirector is our hardest working team member, providing value every day to our customers and internal staff."

— Aaron Corney, Lancom Technology

"Once our clients used DeskDirector, we instantly differentiated ourselves from others and started winning new business."

— Nick Moran, Evolve IT

Remove Bottlenecks and Accelerate Ticket Resolutions 

Use our smart automations and integrations to create a ticketing system that delivers better service for all parties. 

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