Low-Code HR Automation Solution

Save 10 Hours a Week with the Solution Designed with HR in Mind

Save time, drive efficiency, and standardize onboarding, offboarding, applicant tracking and other Human Resources processes with an all-in-one solution.


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Our team is saving over 20 hours a month on HR tasks with DeskDirector. AND we don't have to worry about anything falling through the cracks.
The automation DeskDirector offers have made our recruiting & hiring processes so much more efficient. Being able to standardize these processes has saved us 10+ hours/week.
Our processes and employee experience have never been smoother. DeskDirector has allowed our HR team to boost efficiency like never before.
Thanks to DeskDirector, we can automate time-consuming HR tasks like onboarding new employees without having to worry about missing any steps. It's been game-changing for our team.

The Business-Boosting HR Automation Solution


Save 10+ Hours/Week

Boost efficiency with pre-built HR workflows and automation

Ensure a Smooth Employee Experience

Standardize HR processes for simpler onboarding and offboarding

Reduce Hiring Time

Use powerful applicant tracking to make recruitment and hiring a breeze

Meet Every HR Need with One Platform

Employee Onboarding

  • Increase efficiency by collecting all the information techs need to onboard new employees with custom forms.
  • Save time collecting important information with inline forms instead of back-and-forth emails.
  • Expedite processes with automated approval chains
  • Guarantee that no onboarding step is missed with SOPs and tasks lists embedded in each step

Employee Offboarding

  • Stop worrying about missing any offboarding steps – SOPs ensure that nothing falls through the cracks when someone leaves your company.
  • Automate the process of disabling accounts, forwarding emails to the right accounts, deactivating access badges and more.
  • Expedite offboarding & ticket resolution processes and maintain peace of mind that all systems are locked down and materials are retrieved quickly.
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Applicant Tracking for Recruiting & Hiring

  • Customize the recruiting process with unique and branded forms for job applications.
  • Keep the hiring process moving by automatically passing applications to the next person on the HR team or automatically sending rupdates to applicants.
  • Stay informed with reports on how many applicants you're receiving, where applications may be getting stuck in the process, and more.

Staff Training

  • Give employees the resources they need to succeed! Add documents, videos, how-tos, and more in a custom resource library.
  • Ease the workload on support and managers by giving employees an educational source to answer their questions.

ITSM Tools Built for HR

  • Task Lists: Embed SOPs, documents, and instructions directly in tickets.
  • Advanced Forms: Build personalized, dynamic forms for employees and applicants.
  • Inline Forms: Start forms anywhere to collect essential information.
  • Smart Tickets: Trigger specific actions within a ticket, create rules, and automate intricate workflows.
  • Automated Approvals: Build custom approval roles by support request type, default approvers, or 
specific ticket groups.

Ensure Smooth HR Operations with Comprehensive Automation

Meet all HR needs with one user-friendly platform designed to drive efficiency and save hundreds of hours each year.