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DeskDirector’s SOP management system empowers your teams to stay organized. The all-in-one solution helps you document your SOPs, centralize operations and automate standardized procedure workflows.

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Seamless Policy and SOP Management


Centralize Communication

Keep all internal teams informed with a centralized service portal and communication hub.


Simplify Documentation

Consolidate your SOP management by including SOP documentation in the app.


Automate Your Operations

Create living processes with automated workflows, approvals, and status updates.

Productive Process Management 

Standardize operations by grouping tickets, clarifying procedural instructions, and integrating multiple apps into your SOP software.  

  • SOP Task Lists
    Ensure easy access to standard procedures. Embed SOPs directly into tickets, build templates in-app, attach documentation, and send specific instructions. 

  • Ticket Groups
    Categorize your tickets in groups by team, region, or project. Groups can be self-managed with approvals, secure content, and unique service catalogs.

  • Integrations 
    DeskDirector’s SOP software connects with several applications so you can consolidate your critical tools into a seamless central platform.  
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Proactive Automation Workflows 

Boost your operational efficiency with customizable automation tools that improve functional outcomes across your organization 

  • Dynamic Forms
    Build dynamic forms that collect key information from internal teams submitting service requests, reporting HR incidents, beginning a hiring process, etc.
  • Smart Tickets
    Trigger specific procedural actions within a ticket, create rules, and automate intricate workflows to route tickets that include detailed instructions.
  • Approval Workflows
    Ensure management signs off on internal operations. Build custom approval roles by request type, default approvers, or specific ticket groups. 

Cohesive Training Resources & Communication

Level up your onboarding, training, and policy management with standout communication tools and educational resources in the service portal.  

  • Learning Resources
    Provide in-app training and educational materials for your organization, plus include self-help videos within forms to get FAQs answered.
  • Instant Broadcasting
    Keep users informed of bulletins and updates such as policy adjustments, new SOPs, personnel changes, training tips, and more.
  • Informative Analytics
    Increase transparency and get in-depth insight into the user portal usage, activity levels, and performance data to make informed operational decisions. 
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"DeskDirector is our hardest working team member, providing value every day to our customers and internal staff."

— Aaron Corney, Lancom Technology

"Once our clients used DeskDirector, we instantly differentiated ourselves from others and started winning new business."

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Automate workflows

Best-in-Class SOP Management System

  • Automated Workflows:
    Automate hundreds of standardized workflows at once.
  • SOP Task Lists:
    Embed SOPs, documents, and instructions directly in tickets.
  • Standardized Approvals:
    Build custom approval chains to keep ops moving.
  • User Groups:
    Create groups for sharing, permissions, and automations.
  • Central Resource Center:
    Train and support users with helpful learning material.
  • Analytics Dashboards:
    Get actionable data on usage, activity, and performance.

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