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Ticket Triage

What is Ticket Triage? 

Ticket triaging is the process of sorting, prioritizing, and assigning tickets to the appropriate department or tech for follow-up. The term triage dates back to 18th century France. In the 1930s, triage adopted its modern definition, which is the assigning of urgency levels to injuries in the medical field. Similarly, ticket triaging assigns varying levels of urgency to tickets to ensure that the high-priority tickets are dealt with first.  

Manual ticket triage can be tedious, especially for large companies, so many businesses have started using IT automation to automate the ticket triage process and assign urgency based on detectable criteria. 

Why Does It Matter? 

Ticket triage is a critical part of IT support because it ensures that large numbers of tickets are handled in a timely and organized manner, allowing the IT department to address important issues quickly. If done speedily and efficiently, triaging can skyrocket business productivity, help organizations stay competitive, and speed up ticket resolution time. 

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