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How to Improve All Things HR with IT Automation

June 22, 2022

IT automation isn’t just for the IT department. Automated workflows can be used across every team, including human resources. With so many irons in the fire, HR teams rely on efficiency, speed, and repeatable processes to support employees on a daily basis.

ITSM software includes automation capabilities to help HR drive productivity and reach their most important goals. Workflow automation is a great way to save time, standardize processes, improve the employee experience, and deliver value to the business.

Talent Search & Recruitment

HR must balance hiring quickly while also finding a high-quality candidate to fit the role. Automated workflows within ITSM software can be used for every stage of the recruitment process to help achieve this critical balance of speed and quality.

IT automation makes it possible to accelerate the initial hiring search. First, HR managers can build workflows for job postings, application tracking, and selecting promising candidates from the general pool. Then, managers can build workflows for the interview process to make it easier, and ultimately, they can create automations to support the final selection and offer process.

ITSM software will typically include SOP management features as well. This can be helpful for the human resources department because it empowers HR managers to create and store SOPs in the app and attach them to workflow tickets. SOPs provide guidance for the entire HR team, so everyone knows what steps need to be taken for recruitment, from the application to the interview to the written offer.

The best IT automation solutions don’t limit the number of SOPs that can be created, so HR can write role-specific procedures for recruitment. Process specificity is essential because every role will require a different approach to confirm whether someone is a good hire.

For example, a software engineer’s interview process will probably include a coding challenge to assess their skill set. But that wouldn’t apply to a customer service rep candidate or a marketing manager hopeful.

TLDR: IT automation allows you to set up workflows with specific standard procedure documentation to save time and complete recruitment tasks faster.


The importance of employee onboarding cannot be overstated. A strong onboarding program can increase employee retention by 82% and boost productivity by 70%. Therefore, HR leadership must devote thought and effort to creating an effective onboarding plan for new hires.

Firstly, the HR team must ensure that all the new hire paperwork is completed and collected for employee records. Then, it’s time to complete the necessary legal and compliance training and bring the new hire up to speed on company policies.

Beyond this, most jobs require specific OTJ (on-the-job) training. HR must facilitate the instruction via the new hire’s manager or qualified co-worker. And finally, employees often need network access, keys or a code to enter the office building, computer, and other equipment to get set up. HR and IT need to work together to get all of this done.

IT automation strengthens the entire onboarding process from end to end because HR managers can set up specific workflows and SOPs to guide every touchpoint. In addition, automating onboarding procedures means that every new employee undergoes a standardized, well-paced experience that provides the same quality across the board. 

TLDR: Deploying workflow automation with standardized training instructions will improve new hire onboarding. Excellent onboarding delivers significant value to the business in the long run because it enhances the employee experience and reduces churn.

Payroll, Scheduling, and PTO

Automating payroll tasks within an ITSM software solution can increase efficiency and reduce the possibility of errors. For example, suppose your organization operates on a shift-scheduling basis or supports hourly employees. In that case, HR must ensure that they schedule shifts properly, manage timecards correctly, and track overtime hours.  

Admins can build IT automation workflows for regular scheduling tasks. Managers can delegate scheduling tasks to subordinates with automated approvals built into the workflows to get final sign-off from management.

Automated workflows can also be set up for regular process transactions for payroll disbursement, any salary or benefit changes, and reconciling the pay with the company’s overall budget.

Finally, HR can use ITSM software to manage leave and PTO. Employees can submit time-off requests via the user portal, triggering a PTO-specific workflow. HR can calculate the remaining PTO, sick days, maternity or paternity leave, or bereavement and sign off on the request. 

TLDR: HR teams can automate regular scheduling and payroll tasks through workflows and automatic approval chains. Employees can also send requests to HR for time off through a user portal for approval.

Workplace Incidents and Disciplinary Action

Unfortunately, the human resources team must address issues that arise in the workplace. Each workplace incident must be handled with the utmost care and discretion.

IT automation workflows can help accelerate and regulate the HR response to workplace conflicts, harassment reports, disciplinary action cases, injuries, accidents, or non-compliance in the workplace.

Pre-built, custom workflows and SOPs will give instructions to ensure all proper steps are taken to resolve every case. Plus, some ITSM software includes ticket groups, which can only be accessed by specific employees only. Admins can determine privacy settings on ticket groups for HR incidents to protect employee and company privacy.

TLDR: IT automation workflows can regulate workplace incident case resolution, and ticket groups protect confidentiality.

Leverage IT Automation to Streamline HR Operations

ITSM software provides human resources teams with the automation tools to power better processes. More effective HR drives optimal business results. To experience the power of automated workflows, try DeskDirector for free.

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