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Ticket Priority

What is Ticket Priority? 

Ticket priority is the assigned order by which techs should process service tickets. Priority is often determined by each ticket’s service-level agreement (SLA). Typically, priority levels include: 

  • Low priority 
  • Medium priority 
  • High priority 
  • Urgent priority 

Some issues, like a major service outage, are business-critical and can automatically be pushed to the top of the priority list. Others, like a general question about a product, for example, are usually considered a lower priority. In addition to SLAs, prioritization can be determined by a number of things, including how critical an issue is, how long a user has been waiting to receive a resolution, how high-profile a client is, and more. 

Why Does it Matter? 

Ticket prioritization offers transparency to techs and clarifies the order of ticket handling so that no one has to guess. ITSM solutions let you set smart rules to automatically prioritize and assign tickets. This helps ensure that no ticket is left unresolved for long periods and that critical issues are tackled quickly, which speeds up overall ticket resolution and boosts client satisfaction.  

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