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Ticket Digest

What are ITSM Ticket Digests?

A ticket digest summarizes the activity for a certain ticket or group of tickets. IT automation can be used to create ticket digests, which present information you might need, such as how many tickets are unresolved, what’s the status of certain tickets, and more. 

You can also create digest-based processes and workflows so that certain actions are automatically taken based on the contents of the compiled digest. When people eat, they digest, meaning they break food down into smaller parts that their bodies can process. So too, a ticket digest is a palatable summary and breakdown of a given ticket’s activity.

Why Do They Matter? 

With several hundred tickets being received daily by most help desks, techs need an easy way to gather and view ticket information that will help them make the best decisions to resolve service requests quickly. A ticket digest is an ITSM best practice for presenting information about tickets, which increases help desk efficiency and customer satisfaction.