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IT Service Automation

What is IT Service Automation? 

IT service automation takes IT actions and operations and automates them, effectively streamlining service processes.  

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Why Does it Matter? 

Technology is constantly evolving and changing the game. As low-code and no-code development platforms rise in popularity, teams are able to automate faster than ever before without having to customize code. 

Some believe that automating all IT services is a way to drive better business outcomes, but Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, puts it this way: “Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” 

It’s important to be discerning and automate strategically. One way to optimize IT for the end-user is to have systematic automation or ITSM software that will assign tasks and complete actions, making it easier, faster and more efficient for IT to offer users good and consistent service and support. 

More and more software are offering embedded automation “recipes,” which allow for the automation of complex functions without having to customize or create code. These service recipes can include client onboarding, automated dispatch processes, and automatic ticket notifications and digest. (Click here to learn more about service recipes.) 


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