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Ticket Resolution Time

What is Resolution Time? 

When a client encounters an IT issue and submits a ticket, the moment from when the ticket is submitted to when the issue is fixed and the ticket is resolved is called the resolution time. Of course, the shorter the resolution time, the better for both the client and the IT team working on the ticket. 

Why Does it Matter? 

As more and more services become technology- and cloud-based, issues are inevitable, so optimizing the ticket resolution process is a major goal for many businesses. Using IT automation and workflows are popular ways of ensuring that tickets get to the right place immediately and don’t fall through the cracks.  

Some ticket management software will also send automatic updates to the person who filed the ticket so that they can be informed about resolution time without having to contact the provider. Time is invaluable for everyone, so finding ways to make resolution times shorter creates better customer support and smoother IT operations for clients & team members. 

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