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IT Automation 

What is IT Automation? 

IT automation is software that takes repeatable processes with IT and makes them automatic, which reduces manual intervention and boosts efficiency. 

Automation as a concept first arose in the 1940s within the automobile industry. The factory equipment and automated assembly line at Ford Motor Company was automation at its most basic form. 


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Why Does it Matter? 

Now, as technology continues to change rapidly and consistently, automation within the IT industry is becoming more of a necessity for business that want to stay relevant.  

 The expected trend is that the role of IT automation will only become more prominent as automation accelerates. By 2025, traditional computing technologies are expected to hit a digital wall, and automation is what will help overcome that.  

For any business looking to grow in scale and productivity, automating IT workflows and processes, like the approval chain, client ticket updates and more, will make a big difference in getting there. 

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