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Response Time

What is Response Time? 

Response time refers to how long it takes for a tech or server to respond to a client’s ticket request or inquiry. Response time is a widely tracked KPI for MSPs and its two most emphasized varieties are: 

  • First response time (FRT): How long does it take for an MSP to first respond to client correspondence? 
  • Average response time: What’s the average time it takes to respond to any client correspondence? 

To calculate average response time, follow this formula: 

Total time taken to respond during X period  


# of replies sent during X period 

The average response time in the IT industry is about 3-5 hours. 

Why Does it Matter? 

Response time is a critical KPI for a reason: lots of customers do research on response time before choosing software or MSPs. In order to stay productive and efficient, techs need resources and tools that will allow them to prioritize tickets and ensure quick response times. In other words, low response times help boost customer satisfaction and tech productivity. 

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