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Ticket Briefing

What is Ticket Briefing? 

Ticket briefing is the way to give someone a rundown of the important details of a service ticket. Many ITSM solutions will automatically add briefing notes when a ticket is created so that wherever the ticket ends up, those dealing with it are well-informed on the relevant information in a concise way. 

The term “briefing” became popularized during the 20th century to refer to a concise summary. Its partner, “debrief,” is synonymous with questions and interrogation, and was especially popular during World War II when aviation pilots were q after a missions. 

Why Does it Matter? 

Tickets often move around and are not resolved by a single person. Ticket briefing makes it easy for techs to catch up on relevant details and notes from other techs so they can quickly and efficiently tackle each ticket. With IT departments constantly inundated with ticket requests, the clear dissemination of information is crucial for productivity. 

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