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Business Process Framework (eTOM)

What is ETOM? 

The Business Process Framework (also known as eTOM) is a classification system of key processes required to run a service-focused business. The TM Forum initially created eTOM for telecommunication service providers in 1988. (The TOM stands for Telecom Operation Map). The modern version of eTOM was first published in 2001 and has been updated periodically through 2014. 

Essentially, eTOM provides a set of process-driven approaches required to run an efficient, valuable enterprise. It’s possible to obtain eTOM certification which is useful for business planners, managers, and strategists who need to focus on overarching business processes. 

Why Does it Matter? 

ETOM is all about integrating and aligning vital systems in service-oriented businesses. It provides a hierarchy of systems to help demonstrate the level of importance of each technique. This creates a common language for all departments to speak and allows for the reduction of costs and risk related to IT applications. These best practices are both comprehensive and customizable and work for companies of all sizes who are adapting to digital transformations, and is especially still relevant for telecommunication companies selecting and updating solutions.