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Usage & Analytics

What are Usage & Analytics? 

Usage and analytics is the process of analyzing how users interact with a product. In contrast to user surveys and feedback, usage and analytics demonstrate real user behavior, so teams can make data-driven improvements and decisions regarding their product or solution. 

Usage and analytics can showcase, among many other things: 

  • Which software features are most popular amongst users 
  • Which features are least popular 
  • Where users are spending most of their time 
  • What a typical user workflow looks like 
  • The progress and extent of user adoption and implementations 


Why Do They Matter? 

Hilary Mason, data scientist and founder of Fast Forward Labs, said that “Data is a tool for enhancing intuition.”  

Surface-level data alone can’t give you everything you need to understand user behavior. The human element of usage analytics is crucial in collecting accurate performance and usage metrics that will lead to real and relevant improvements. In other words, usage and analytics contribute to a better experience for solution techs and users and cannot be understated. 

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