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Smart Tickets

What are Smart Tickets? 

Smart tickets are digital tickets that are used to manage the processes of IT service management. They are a form of digital ticketing, and they can be used by service providers to manage their customers' requests and provide better service to them. 

The “smart” part refers to the fact that these tickets use automation to speed up the resolution process. Automation can create rules and trigger workflows to route tickets or send instructions to techs. Smart tickets are built on the principle of "one touch," or the idea that a single point of contact can solve all problems with one interaction. 

Why Do They Matter? 

Smart ticketing is still growing today, with many companies adopting this technology into their workflow processes for providing better support services for their clients' needs. Ticket volumes have increased exponentially over the last few years, so anything that can make the resolution process easier is an important part of a business’s ITSM strategy. 

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