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3 min read

Markdown and HTML: Tips to Leverage the Power of Custom Forms

By Serena Cappellini on Feb 20, 2020 1:24:41 PM

DD Forms and Markdown

what is markdown

Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool, free and open-source, designed to be lightweight and intuitive. It helps users to edit text in an easy and clean way - which is why we've decided it was the right tool for our DD Portal.

Topics: DD Portal Forms Service Customization
15 min read

Service Customization with DeskDirector

By Poorvi Jhawar on Jun 18, 2019 4:48:33 PM

With full access to our demo instance, you will be able to try all our features below. This is a great way to dip your toes in the water and see if DeskDirector is a good fit for you. Over here, we take you through a step by step so that you can set up the instance the way you want!

Topics: Service Customization