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ITSM Tool: What it Is & Why You Should Care

December 15, 2022

In 2022, 81% of Praecipio survey respondents said working in IT would get more challenging over the next three years. 

IT teams are only getting busier as the digital transformation continues and cloud-based technology becomes the backbone of most enterprises. 

So what can companies do right now to prevent IT team inefficiency and burnout? Many companies have looked to cloud-based ITSM tools to help develop and manage IT processes. 

Keep reading for more on what an ITSM tool is and how it can benefit businesses of all sizes in the coming years. 

What is an ITSM tool? 

ITSM tools are cloud-based and will often integrate with the rest of your tech stack to create a cohesive IT infrastructure. Users can log onto their ITSM tool or software to carry out various tasks. 

Some examples of ITSM tool and features include: 

  • Ticketing tools: Using this type of tool, you can create, manage, track, and resolve ticket requests. Some ITSM ticketing tools include task lists, ticket groups, and ticketing automation, such as prioritization. 
  • IT automation: The automated management features of ITSM tools are designed to help IT departments take care of routine tasks without having to rely on manual processes (which usually involve less efficiency). For example, an automated workflow will be created when a new employee joins your organization, so important documents like access keys will automatically be sent out via email within minutes after their employment starts date. 
  • Standard Operating Procedures: Many ITSM tools will let you create, update, and distribute SOPs so that techs and managers can efficiently make decisions based on set processes. 
  • Asset management: ITSM tools can track and manage assets throughout their entire lifecycle. For example, once you purchase a new computer for your business, an ITSM tool can track the computer and its security features so that everything stays up-to-date and secure. 

What are the benefits of using ITSM tools? 

Only 11% of respondents to an AXELOS survey reported that they don’t use ITSM tools. ITSM tools have steadily increased in popularity over the last few years. Using even simple tools results in far-reaching benefits for an entire organization. 

  1. Reduce Costs: ITSM tools help you reduce IT costs by improving the efficiency of your IT service delivery. Tools can speed up ticket resolution, streamline processes through automation, decrease customer churn, increase employee retention, and more – all of which result in cost savings. 
  2. Scales Your Processes: IT tools help increase the availability and predictability of your IT services by making them scalable in response to changes in demand or even just workload fluctuations over time. They enable powerful automation (such as approval chains), clear service catalogs, relevant SOPs, and more that make team, department, and company growth possible. 
  3. Improve Service Quality: Effective ITSM provides visibility for users and drives efficiency, making it more likely for users and employees to stay with your company. A more productive team that doesn’t have to spend as much time on manual IT tasks means better service. 


Cloud-based ITSM tools give you more control over your business's IT infrastructure. One way to think about an ITSM tool is as a central hub through which information flows between different parts of your business. For organizations of all sizes, ITSM tools are a worthwhile investment that help teams avoid burnout and be well-situated for the ever-changing IT landscape.  

Looking for an ITSM tool that has all the powerful features you need? Sign up to try DeskDirector! 

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