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Meet the Team


We do everything with our core values of talent, continuous learning, humility, perseverance, and creative approach.




Warwick Eade


Warwick is DeskDirector’s founder with over 28 years of experience. His experience includes engineering, software development, and consultancy within an IT industry. Apart from that, Warwick has the finest experience in hiring of the very smart people thought-out his career.Auckland native, Warwick founded the MSP Lancom Technology 28 years ago. DeskDirector was incubated and launched out of Lancom out of a need for better customer experiences. Warwick leads the talented team primarily working in R+D and product development.He’s also an avid football fan and has been to every World Cup since 2000. Like all good kiwis, he bleeds when the AB's lose. He loves to travel and dislikes seeing himself talked up in the third person.


Waruna Kirimetiyawa

Group CEO

Waruna has worked as an IT professional since 2001. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science as well as many leading industry certifications from Microsoft, Citrix, Amazon Web Services, he is a full member of the Institute of IT Professionals (IITP).Over the last decade Waruna has provided IT solutions, strategy and governance to countless businesses ranging from small to medium enterprises and large Fortune 100 companies worldwide.As a continuous learner, Waruna loves creating leverage through innovation and building intellectual property. He takes a down-to-earth approach to solving business problems, translating technical conversations into language that everyone can understand.


Jason He


Jason is a full-stack developer at DeskDirector; he has been with the company from the very beginning. He has a deep knowledge of the system and can solve major functionality issues right away. Being responsible for the whole eco-system of DeskDirector, Jason aims to make the server more stable and faster. He is also passionate about contribution to open source projects, some of which relate to the DD ecosystem. Jason wants to become a server architect and is constantly upskilling himself by conducting his own research and studies on software development. When Jason isn’t diving into the world of system engineering, he loves reading books and watching programmes about worldwide history and Japanese culture.


Andrew Lahikainen

Front End Web Developer

Fresh out of the university, Andrew joined the DeskDirector support team in early 2015. He started with onboarding, support and deployment management. Being able to progress fast, he joined the development team in early 2016. Andrew began working as a front-end developer on DeskDirector's newest product: dd-tech. He remains at the last line of support and still enjoys jumping on the phone to help solve your issues.Andrew obsessed over user experience and interface design and spends a lot of time with the other front-end developers to help make sure our applications are clean and easy to use.In his free time, Andrew can be found destroying the rest of the DeskDirector team at Magic: The Gathering, shredding some tasty blues licks on his Blacktop Telecaster or dabbling in other nerdy pastimes.


Serena Cappellini

Customer Success Manager

Serena has joined DeskDirector as its Customer Success Manager, bringing with her 15+ years of customer service experience across many different sectors. Telecommunications, Retail and Web Agencies are just some of the environments Serena has under her belt, and every experience has contributed to hone her ability to understand and anticipate customers’ needs.With a degree in Sound Engineering, an international diploma in Fine Wine and Spirits, a lifetime interest in programming languages, and an enrollment at AUT to gain a second degree in Business, she likes to keep that little brain of hers busy with new ideas and knowledge.When she’s not working nor studying, she can be found initiating novices to the fine art of playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading books, lecturing people on what ingredients do and don’t go on pizza, going for hikes if the weather is being merciful, or playing video games.


Andy Chen

Software Developer

With engineering and software development experience, Andy is a mechanically-minded back-end developer at DeskDirector.Prior to joining DeskDirector, he studied engineering while also developing software for a product lifecycle management startup. He comes on board after graduating from university in December 2016 with a major in computer science.Passionate about coding, Andy likes to apply best practices in his work to drive consistent outcomes. His ambition is to contribute to the continual improvement of DeskDirector through the development of enhanced features and services, while integrating other cloud services.In his free time, Andy enjoys reading science stories, playing basketball and exploring the city on his bike.