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3 Ways Your ITSM Software Can Improve Employee Productivity

October 6, 2022

The average employee is productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes a day... 

That’s only 31% of the average 8-hour workday!  

Productivity isn't just something that happens naturally; it's a skill that needs to be fostered, honed, and encouraged. Having a productive IT team means more efficient ticket resolution, noticeable cost savings, and a happier, more fulfilled team.   

Although it might seem like markedly boosting IT productivity is easier said than done, the right ITSM solution has the features you need to do exactly that.  

Keep reading for 3 major ways that ITSM software can skyrocket employee productivity and promote revenue growth. 

1. Approval Workflows 

Approval workflows are one the most effective ITSM features when it comes to improving employee productivity. 

Approval workflows are automated processes that require authorizations from different people or groups before an action can be completed. They help ensure that key decisions are made in a timely manner, without having to manually push a ticket or issue from person to person.  

An approval workflow can also include automatic follow-up "nudges," so that if a ticket’s approval is overdue, a reminder is sent out to keep the ticket moving. 

An effective ITSM solution should have built-in approval workflows for both IT and non-IT tasks. This allows you to manage discrete projects as well as departmental goals in an efficient manner. 

When IT employees don’t have to spend time seeking approval from the right people, they become more productive, and approval workflows can help make that happen.  With workflows, everything is automated, so ticket resolution progresses on its own, even while everyone is on their lunch break!

2. Enable Smart Tickets 

Smart tickets are an IT service automation that helps you manage your workflows and tickets. You can use them to automatically trigger a series of actions based on the ticket type, priority level, or other criteria.  

A smart ticket can be used to trigger an approval workflow. For example, when a PTO request is received, you can set up your software to automatically send a notification to HR for approval before granting the request.  

Or, tickets can be assigned to the proper technician based on the type of ticket or the department that submitted it, adhering to custom rules you set up in your instance. 

Smart tickets are built on the principle of "one touch," or the idea that a single point of contact can solve all problems with one interaction. In other words, smart tickets were essentially created to boost productivity for IT teams. They use the power of IT automation to make IT service management a well-oiled, streamlined machine. 

3. Create Custom Reports 

Custom reports are a great way to get insights into your ITSM software and team productivity. They can provide a high-level overview of your ITSM software, as well as detailed views of specific areas, tickets, or projects. 

Custom reporting allows you to specify what information is being tracked, who is tracking it, and how often. Depending on the type of report that you want, you will be able to customize it by selecting the metrics that are most relevant to what you need. 

So how, exactly, do custom reports increase productivity? They ensure that IT employees don't have to spend time parsing through tons of data to create manual reports that will present important information. Reports also allow employees to see what efforts are working and get a visual into their own productivity. 


By using powerful ITSM software, you can make sure that your employees are productive and happy, which leads to more resolved tickets, happier clients, and a better work experience for everyone. 

While these are just a few examples of how your ITSM software can help improve employee productivity and efficiency, there are many more - the possibilities of ITSM software are endless! 

If you’re interested in a powerful ITSM solution that will help boost team productivity, sign up to try DeskDirector. 

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