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Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)

What is MOF? 

Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) was created in 2008 to help IT professionals achieve reliable, supportable, and cost-effective services from Microsoft products. It combines best practices, principles, and procedures for IT governance and management. MOF is open-sourced, so any organization can use it.  

Why Does it Matter? 

Some believe that the MOF framework is not the most relevant to IT service management (ITSM) anymore. Still, many swear by the procedures that dictate smooth risk, service, and change management in a cost-effective way. MOF, along with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), are service management frameworks that are geared toward optimizing IT services for both managers and users. MOF matters because as businesses become more and more centered around technology, properly managing all aspects of the transitions and changes is the only way for businesses to adapt and provide superior value. 

Overall, COBIT provides a ready-made toolkit to help demonstrate the business value of IT, which matters more now than ever.