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What are IT KPIs? 

KPIs are key performance indicators, the metrics that businesses use to measure their performance and success. There are many KPIs out there, and the importance varies based on industry and even companies. IT KPIs are the thresholds specific to IT teams and departments, and can include anything from resolution time and total vs. open tickets to IT return on investment (ROI) and cyber security rating, to name just a few.  

Many tools can impact KPIs, and ITSM software in particular can make a major difference in IT KPIs and business outcomes. 

Why Does it Matter? 

KPIs as a concept are traced back to China in the 3rd century. Throughout history, leaders have known that measuring performance and collecting data is crucial in meeting business objectives. Former CEO of HP said that when it comes to performance measurement that “the goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”  

KPIs are necessary if businesses want to figure out how they’re progressing, and IT KPIs ensure that smart goals and attainable metrics are the basis for all decision-making. 

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