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How ITSM Software Impacts Critical IT KPIs and Business Outcomes

September 20, 2021

Business leaders measure company success through various indicators like sales revenue, profits, employee turnover rate, customer retention, and more. Yet, it’s prudent to measure your IT department’s performance as well to understand the complete picture of your organization’s health. If your IT team cannot service your internal stakeholders properly, operations will grind to a halt, with financial loss looming close behind. 

ITSM software supports your IT department in its efforts to solve internal service requests rapidly and with ease. Here are some of the ways ITSM tools improve critical IT KPIs and promote better business outcomes. 

Number of Incidents Per User 

Fewer internal incidents reported to IT point to a healthier user experience. But how can your team reduce the number of support requests before they receive them?  

ITSM software can help your users solve simple problems on their own. When employees find answers quickly, they can bypass contacting IT and spend their time being productive. The best ITSM solutions will include a help desk portal that houses a knowledge base and educational resources designed to assist users in self-support and encourage learning about the relevant systems or tools.  

Additionally, if the platform includes a custom form designer, you can include a self-support video within a form. The video helps answer a simple inquiry so that a formal incident doesn’t need to be submitted to your IT team. 

First-Contact Resolution 

If a user needs assistance with something not addressed through your knowledge base or self-support videos, they will reach out to your IT team. However, if someone does need to contact support, it’s best to solve their issue upon the first point of contact if possible. 

Fortunately, your ITSM platform can help facilitate improvement on your FCR (First-Contact Resolution) rates. One of the ITSM tools that can assist in speedily solving requests is the live chat feature. Your technicians can converse with a customer to try and solve an issue speedily without needing to push through a formal support ticket.  

Not only does live chat help improve your FCR, but it also brings a bonus of satisfying modern user preferences. Around 73% of customers find live chat the most satisfactory form of communication with a company. And by 2022, about 85% of businesses are expected to opt for live chat support.  

Time to Resolve (MTTR) 

Time is always of the essence when it comes to solving user requests. For internal IT departments, the MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve) indicates that your company is counting on you to fix a problem that might be holding up business operations, so reducing the MTTR is critical for business health and revenue. 

ITSM software simplifies and streamlines the ticket process so you can reduce your MTTR. Most ITSM solutions use automation to accelerate your ticket resolution. You’ll be able to set up automated approvals and workflows so your team can spend their valuable time solving requests instead of working on tedious tasks. 

Furthermore, because ITSM software offers live chat and self-support, your high-priority solve rates will improve since your team can focus on the most pressing requests. If you are actively shopping for an ITSM solution, choose one that allows you to automatically prioritize certain tickets. 

User Satisfaction 

When you think of user satisfaction, you might first think of customer satisfaction. But, as internal IT departments know, user satisfaction can apply to co-workers, business partners and other internal stakeholders. Often their satisfaction is just as crucial to your business success as a customer’s is. If IT is solving issues quickly and efficiently, you know your entire business is moving forward with the tools they need to succeed and get things done.  

Drive Higher Productivity With Your ITSM Solution 

ITSM tools enhance the entire support process to promote smooth service and quick resolution times. Users and technicians alike reap the benefits of features like self-support, live chat, user ticket tracking ability, status notifications, and automation to speed up tickets and improve the most crucial IT KPIs. Your IT management platform can also track these metrics to demonstrate your IT department’s beneficial impact on your organization’s success.  

Curious to see how ITSM software can improve your business operations? Try out DeskDirector for free for 14 days to see the positive impact for yourself. 

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