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Email Drip

What is Email Drip? 

An email drip is a sequence of automated emails sent to prospects or customers based on certain criteria, such as an action they take or a particular date. You can control the cadence and number of emails in a given drip and add personalization tokens to target an individual or audience. 

The phrase “drip marketing,” which is most commonly done through email, plays off “drip irrigation,” an agricultural method that gives plants a certain amount of water across a long period of time. 

The key to success for most email drips is precise audience segmentation and persona knowledge. Stefano Mazzalai, the Head of Marketing Operations at Instapage, said that “ is possible to create highly segmented drip campaigns with 70%+ open rates and 30%+ click rates. It is all about how much you know the pain points of each target audience and what you can offer to solve their issues.” 

Why Does It Matter? 

A study at Cornell demonstrated that audience segmentation is a low-cost, high-impact strategy to drive more revenue. Email drips are the best way to steadily reach those segments with personalized drips particular to their pain points and roles. Email drips cause more audience engagement without much manual effort and keep your business at the top of mind for consumers. 

Businesses are always looking for ways to stand out and stay relevant in the era of digital transformation when markets are flooded. A simple email drip can help stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds.