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How to Integrate ITSM Software with Company-Wide Strategic Efforts

September 6, 2021

Are you considering implementing ITSM software, but aren’t sure it’s worth it? Your hesitance might be due to one question: Will your ITSM platform yield any positive return beyond the IT and customer support departments? 

Good news: ITSM doesn’t have to exist in an operations silo. In fact, it can bolster your entire business. When your ITSM is built on the right software, it can pack a major cross-departmental punch. 

Here are some ways you can integrate ITSM with other efforts and create lasting transformation across multiple teams. 

Customer Success & IT Tech Support 

You might be wondering if Captain Obvious is writing this article since we’re starting with the department that most commonly uses an ITSM solution. (He is not writing for us –– not yet, at least.) However, there is no doubt that your support techs and customer success teams reap serious benefits from leveraging the right service portal. Here’s how.   

The most outstanding customer success teams offer simplified, online service access for their clients. Digital support channels are actually what many customers prefer. In fact, ​​57% of customers would rather contact companies via digital media rather than use voice-based customer support. The best ITSM platforms offer centralized, easy-to-use customer support portals to meet the demand for simple, online service. 

When you build your customer success efforts on advanced ITSM software, your customers can submit a support request through the application, and remain updated via chat, email notifications and ticket status tracking in the platform. This service app creates a hassle-free, positive experience for your client, which will improve your NPS score and customer satisfaction. 

Behind the scenes, your support team will also benefit from an advanced ITSM solution. Depending on the platform’s capabilities, they can triage urgent  

Human Resources & Recruitment 

You can also purpose your ITSM solution as a helpful tool for your HR department and recruitment efforts. Here are few ways your human resources team can simplify their workload with ITSM tech: 

Recruitment: When you are looking to hire top talent, it can be challenging to keep applications organized, inform the right internal team members on the next steps, and notify hopeful candidates of the status of their applications. By leveraging workflows, ticket creation and status tracking via an ITSM platform, you can keep the hiring process running smoothly. 

Compliance Training, Onboarding & Offboarding: Onboarding and new employee compliance training are critical tasks for many HR teams. Creating tickets that direct action on new employee onboarding or any exiting employee procedures is helpful and is a way to streamline these essential processes. If you can find a platform that integrates with an LMS, that’s a huge bonus! 

HR Case Management: Despite everyone’s best efforts, workplace incidents happen from time to time, and your human resources department must handle each case with the utmost respect and diligence. If any HR incident reports come through, you can set them up just like support tickets within your ITSM software.  Create a clear workflow of necessary actions, receive the proper approvals within the app, and triage sensitive or high-priority cases. 

Sales, Marketing & Revenue 

Strong ITSM really can boost your revenue over time. This is not quite as indirect as it might seem. Hear us out.  

For one thing, if clients are happy with your customer success efforts, they are more likely to stay with you for the long run. 89% of companies say that excellent customer service plays a huge role in customer retention. And higher customer retention means higher recurring revenue. 

As we mentioned above, a robust, automation-friendly ITSM solution creates a hassle-free customer experience and leads to faster ticket resolutions. Beyond higher retention, happy customers also impact other strategic growth initiatives. For example, your marketing team can leverage customer testimonials and case studies as part of their lead generation efforts. Your positive customer service reputation also spells good news for your sales team. Salespeople can point to the high NPS scores and positive reviews as a selling point, leading to new customer acquisition and the possibility of upsells and cross-sells. 52% of consumers have purchased more from a company after having a positive customer service experience. 

Dev Ops, Engineers & Cybersecurity 

It’s not just customer-facing needs that ITSM software can solve. If you have a development team building a cloud product or working on your website, chances are, the QA department will find errors or bugs in the system from time to time that your engineers need to fix. 

The status update system, the triage settings, automatic workflow and approval features can help your developers attack issues quickly and put out the most critical fires that keep your systems working.  

Additionally, if you house sensitive information or proprietary company data online, you might hire a security team to protect it. Like engineers, your security team can use the ITSM ticket and workflow functions to ensure that the highest protective measures are taken. 

Elevate Your Business With ITSM 

When your organization operates with top-notch ITSM software, you can leverage it to improve your strategic efforts across the entire company. From customer service to cybersecurity, you can leverage your platform’s power and versatility to empower your teams and grow your business.  

Discover more ways that an ITSM solution can help you achieve your most critical business goals. Try DeskDirector’s free 14-day trial. DeskDirector Free Demo

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