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ITSM Automation Use Cases: Adapting ITSM Software to Your Industry

October 5, 2021

ITSM software isn’t just a specialized tool for a bustling contact center. Virtually every business –– no matter the type, size, or industry –– can reap significant benefits from ITSM technology.  

Discover how you can adapt it to a variety of industries and the ways you can leverage it to grow your business. Let's take a look at implementing ITSM solutions in a few industries.

ITSM Use Case #1: Legal Firms

Those who work in the legal field know that law firms must dedicate as much time as possible to their casework. However, when IT issues arise, it can detract from valuable time helping clients, therefore reducing your billable hours.   

ITSM tools help law firms streamline IT support and automate technician tasks, so more time is spent working on cases. However, ITSM technology goes beyond technical support requests. Other departments, like HR, can use it when they need to onboard a new employee. Automated workflows can ensure that new hire training is completed and all accounts, equipment, and paperwork are set up and in order. For offboarding, ITSM software can be a big help in deactivating accounts, setting up new passwords, and enacting other essential security measures. 

Once your ITSM platform is in full swing internally, your law office might even consider opening up a client services portal. Clients could access a service desk customer portal to check case status, review important information, and request assistance if necessary. 

Moreover, an ITSM platform is first and foremost a service management platform. Best-in-Class Legal Firms use their service management software, or case management software, to streamline casework. Use cases of ITSM for case management include: 

  • Streamlining documents collection from clients 
  • Automating workflows, creating appropriate tasks for legal secretaries, paralegals and attorneys 
  • Sending documents through the approval 
  • Automating request-follow up with clients 
  • Centralizing all case documents and communication in one secure place 

ITSM Use Case #2: Retail and Food & Beverage Service

Whether you’re a small, locally-run shop or part of a large chain, ITSM technology can transform your retail store or restaurant into a streamlined machine at peak efficiency serving customers and boosting sales.  

ITSM software is ready to assist with POS or any other technical malfunction that might slow service or cause lost revenue within an individual store location. An ITSM platform drives fast, simple ticket submission, which allows your staff to track ticket progress as it’s being solved.  

If your retail or F&B business is part of a larger chain, ITSM software can serve as the central point of IT support and contact for all your locations. If there happens to be a multi-store technical issue, the ticket progress and resolution will filter through a centralized platform. Hence, there’s less extra effort consolidating requests and communicating back-and-forth with IT.  

If there is a company-wide change, policy update, new technology implementation, or an LTO rollout, ITSM technology is your best friend. The automated workflows help everyone understand what is required, and your corporate office can track the progress of the requested changes. 

And just as for legal services, ITSM can be used for more than IT processes. With an ITSM platform, Retail and Food beverage services can streamline operations. Innovative Retail and Restaurant Chains use ITSM software to 

  • Automate, track and enforce SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) from delivery reception to sanitary and health standards.  
  • Organize and respond to feedback and complaint submissions from customers. 
  • Manage receipt processing, menu design and other operational tasks. 
  • Automate HR processes and standardize the recuritment and training processes. 

ITSM Use Case #3:Healthcare 

To the average outsider, ITSM technology might not seem like an obvious need for hospitals and medical practices. However, as many healthcare professionals would likely attest, IT is critical to maintaining a safe medical environment.   

Firstly, IT support is necessary to keep life-saving equipment on the line. Reliable ITSM software designed to quickly and efficiently address potential issues is essential to keep your most critical equipment functioning properly.

Further, ITSM tools like automated workflows and approvals help ensure that your staff and physicians’ training, certifications, and licenses are up-to-date. 

ITSM Use Case #4:Manufacturing 

Manufacturing is a large and complex industry that relies heavily on systems working correctly and cohesive communication between departments, distributors, and global locations. ITSM software helps achieve optimal operational efficiency in the following ways: 

  • Compliance: Since manufacturing is highly regulated, it requires specific compliance training. ITSM tracking tools empower management to ensure employees meet the proper compliance and training requirements through status tracking within the platform. 
  • Process Automation: Keep supply chains moving through automated workflows and approvals that ITSM software offers. Create purposeful workflows with specific goals like data entry, onboarding, quality control checks, and more. 
  • IT Support: Internal IT teams must be ready to assist multiple locations with various departments, tools, systems, and software. They fix malfunctioning equipment quickly to maintain the flow of operations. The right ITSM software makes it easy for employees to submit a support request, live chat with IT technicians, and track ticket progress. 
  • New Technology: The world of manufacturing continues to make technological improvements, and every so often, new tools, software, or equipment need to be rolled out to various factory locations. Workflows can be set up and assigned to different managers or IT techs to simplify phased installation across various factories or plants. 


ITSM tools grow ever more essential for every business. With its efficiency in automation, ticket tracking, customer service capabilities, and flexible workflow functionality, ITSM software can improve your company processes from the inside out.  

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