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How to set up effective approval systems through an MSP client portal

October 25, 2018


Client portals exist to provide all the tools your customers need in one place. We here at DeskDirector do the same for you. An effective approval system is something we know you struggle with and we have a solution for you. This makes DeskDirector unique among client portals – we’re integrated with QuoteWerks and ConnectWise Sell to make sure all your customer approvals are in one place.

#1 Problem:  Approval emails lost in inbox

On average, an office worker receives 121 emails per day. That’s a lot of emails, and they’re bound to miss something important! Some approvals need immediate attention yet may require internal communication within your customer’s business – delaying the whole process. It leaves you with an unresolved ticket and a frustrated end-user.

Solution: Approval notifications

DeskDirector notifies the approver within the portal that their approval is required. They can view the request types and have the option to ‘approve’ or ‘deny’ the request. With this feature, the whole process is expedited and end-users get what they need in no time.


#2 Problem:  Unsure if the request type requires approval

When the end-user sends in a ticket, technicians might not immediately know if it requires approval. On your PSA, tickets for approval may have the same status as general tickets. They have to take a judgment call, and sometimes they get it wrong.

For example, in some businesses a new computer request does not require approval, but in others it does. How does a technician remember?

Solution: Customize request types

You can customize request types to require approval for each company. When a ticket comes through that requires approval, it’ll reflect in your PSA. Your team aware of the tickets that require approval and will wait until the approval is granted, instead of working on it.

custom forms

#3 Problem: Back and forth of quotation emails

When you receive an order for a new hardware you have to send through quotations through email, which tend to get lost. When the company does receive your quote, they can then sometimes ask for changes or extras or try to get you to match another vendor’s offer. This back and forth of emails is a time-consuming and cumbersome process.

Solution: All-in-one platform

DeskDirector is integrated with QuoteWerks and Quosal or ConnectWise Sell. You’ll receive the quotation and invoice within the portal, so your client can sign it and approve. These documents live in the portal so that the end-user can always go back for reference.


#4 Problem: Having one approver

Usually there is one person who approves all the tickets. The problem is, when they’re on holiday or away sick, approvals pile up waiting for their return. This results in  a delay and a frustrated end-user. Another related issue is, different employees with responsibility for certain request types, so having one approver for all of these results in inefficiencies.

Solution: Set multiple approvers

With DeskDirector you can set multiple approvers. If one approver is not at work, there’s someone else who can keep the work going. The approvers can be set for each company. The person responsible for the request type can respond to the approval, making it easy for you.  

set approver

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Poorvi Jhawar

Written by Poorvi Jhawar

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