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First Step on the Way of Creating a Dynamic Customer Experience

October 19, 2018

dynamic portal-1How can you be dynamic in the world of standardization? While you can keep your technology stack the same, you should be using a dynamic approach towards your customer experience initiatives.

98% of customer experience features in DeskDirector are customizable. For example, if you want to create an exceptional service to all the C-level people in the organization, you can simply set them up as VIPs. This means that all the tickets they create will get to you as a number one priority! No matter how they log it, we’ll recognize them as a VIP and they get the fastest service possible from your team.

Same applies to all other features we have in DeskDirector, e.g. FastTrack, Chat, Viewing Tickets, Invoices, Quotes, Approval System, and more. You decide who will get what or negotiate with your client what kind of service they like and ready to pay for. This is a dynamic approach to creating a great customer experience.

In our system, you can use the permission system to set up three different levels of feature permissions: global, company or contact.

  • Global means that you will set specific features across all your clients.
  • Company means that you will set specific features per company.
  • Contact means that you will set specific feature per contact.

You can find more about permissions and how to set them up in this video:


Here’s knowledgebase article for more detailed instructions. Once you learn it, it is very easy to use!

Delight your customers: start creating a dynamic customer experience today with DD Portal.

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Irina Kavchik

Written by Irina Kavchik

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