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Tech Ecosystem

What is Tech Ecosystem? 

A tech ecosystem is a connection of systems that IT teams and businesses use to provide products and services that are cohesive and interdependent. A tech ecosystem might comprise an actual tech stack, or refer to interconnected organizations. 

The term “ecosystem” was first coined in 1930 by Roy Clapham and was further defined by Arthur Tansley in 1935. Eventually, as business technology emerged, so did the term tech ecosystem, referring to the core, complementary applications or organizations involved in technology. 

A tech ecosystem in a city, for example, might comprise: 

  • strong developer community 
  • accelerators and tech hubs 
  • tech-focused startups 
  • established businesses and companies 
  • engagement and connection 
  • Universities/Schools 

These 6 entities come together to support growth in tech.  

Why Does It Matter? 

With digital transformation as the new normal, start-ups and other organizations rely on a robust tech ecosystem to foster growth and innovation. Technology can’t emerge in a vacuum, so having an interconnected network to help new technology emerge and thrive is crucial in sustaining digital innovation.