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Procedure management

What is Procedure Management? 

Procedures are put in place so that certain actions are taken in a seamless sequence that cuts out irrelevant and repetitive steps. Procedure management is a systemic approach to ensuring that the right procedures are put in place, stay updated, and remain efficient. 

When done right, procedure management involves implementing 4 major components: 

  • Document: track and write down all of the steps of a given procedure 
  • Maintain: continually access and update procedures 
  • Communicate: convey important procedural information and updates to all users  
  • Manage: business managers should monitor procedures to make sure they’re aligned with goals and operating at maximum efficiency 

Why Does It Matter? 

Well-established processes and procedures are crucial in most organizations, especially in the IT realm, where procedures dictate day-to-day operations. A procedure management solution can help maintain these necessities. Without procedure management, there might be inefficient, outdated systems in place that make for costly and unproductive execution.