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Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

What is Enterprise Service Management? 

Enterprise service management (ESM) uses IT service management (ITSM) practices to improve the performance and outcomes of business functions. ESM is conceptually very similar to ITSM but essentially applies the tenets of ITSM across an entire enterprise to improve a business’s service delivery holistically, from employee onboarding in HR to document reviews in the legal department and beyond. 

Why Does it Matter? 

ITSM is meant to enhance service delivery for internal and external customers but does not automatically extend to organizational processes beyond IT. ESM does exactly that and helps make sure that across an entire business, processes are optimized and streamlined (often through automation), and everyone is strategically aligned on wider business objectives. ESM can help boost productivity, increase user satisfaction, enhance visibility, and achieve positive ROI quickly, especially for teams dealing with repeat tickets and time-sensitive requests.