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Dynamic Content

What is Dynamic Content? 

Dynamic content, also known as smart content, is content that displays differently based on a user’s actions or preferences. For example, if a website has a landing page with dynamic content that directs to a webinar, users from the West Coast of the United States might see the date and time of the webinar in their time zone while users in New Zealand will see their time zone. 

Dynamic content can change based on a variety of criteria, including: 

  • Lifecycle stage 
  • Geographical location 
  • Pages visited 
  • Buyer persona 

Why Does It Matter? 

People have come to expect a certain degree of personalization in the content they consume. One survey showed that consumers are 80% more likely to do business with a company if they’re given a personalized experience. Other research showed that 74% of consumers grow frustrated when a website is not tailored to them. Dynamic content provides an easy way to automate personalization, to a certain extent, without having to adjust content based on every individual. Dynamic content is interactive, seamless, and personal.