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DD Portal Core (Basecamp!) | Zero Footprint

September 8, 2016

 “There should be a simple and well-priced offering for the Portal alone”

DD Portal is the foundation of our new customer services strategy

DD Portal Basecamp edition will come with the features everyone uses at a price point most MSPs can afford. With zero footprint and zero deployment it is the fastest way to get DD Portal up and running. It’s a great place to start.

Well Priced

 Pricing starts at $97 per month. Any MSP that wants a great customer portal can now have one.

Variable setup fee

There is a $495 setup fee to get you up and running.

For larger MSPs this setup fee is a feature. They want to be sure that set-up and deployment goes smoothly.

For smaller MSPs this can be a barrier. It can seem like a lot of money upfront.

We have a program where you can earn DD dollars to make the setup fee go away. If  you complete  our online admin course and checklist before your sign-up the fee is only $195. If you then commit to write us 4 paragraphs about your DD Portal experience, the fee disappears. We'll use it as a case-story on our website and link back to your website, which is a win-win strategy.

There’s other ways to get DD Dollars credit. Expect a post soon.

Large Capacity

DD Portal Core will support up to 3000 contacts on all devices.

Zero Footprint

DD Portal for Web is a fully featured portal that runs on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. It is responsive and will run beautifully on smartphones and tablets.

DD Inbox for Android & iPhone let your customers see tickets on the go.

All three DD Portal clients need zero installation from you.


Send any request types to the Approval system. Work on the ticket will stop until an approver grants approval. They may deny approval.

System overrides (i.e. auto approval) can be set for both Approvers and VIPs in the system.

Prebuilt Wufoo forms

Having custom forms is great. Setting them up is difficult.

So we have procured the 5 most used form types and bundled them in

  • New Employee - Short
  • New Employee - Long
  • An employee is leaving
  • New PC
  • Quote Request
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey 


Set contacts as Very Important Persons and send their tickets to special priorities regardless of the request type


Users can log in to the system using a one-time use token emailed to the mailbox


  • Capacity
    • Up to 3000 contacts
  • DD Portal client
    • DD Portal for Web
    • DD Inbox Android
    • DD Inbox iPhone
  • PSA Sync
    • ConnectWise
      • Companies, contacts, tickets, notes, boards, members
    • Autotask
      • Accounts, contacts, tickets, notes, queues, resources
    • Deploy and maintain
      • 1 x Free self-paced training course
      • Online written support (24-hour turnaround)
    • Security - Login
      • Token based login through email
      • Name/Password pair
      • Password reset in admin console
      • Force logout
    • Security Access
      • Show/Hide boards/Queues to companies/Accounts
      • Show/Hide opportunity status to companies/Accounts
      • Show/Hide invoice status to companies/Accounts
    • Ticket Entry
      • 100 Request types
      • 5 x pre-packaged Wufoo Forms
      • Attach files
    • Ticket Lifecycle
      • Add note (with status change option)
      • Customer close
      • Fast Track
      • Flag for review
      • Forward/backward timeline
    • Approvals
      • Send any/all Request types to Approval system
      • Approver Auto-Approve (on/off)
      • VIP Auto-Approve (on/off)
    • Branding
      • Master brand
    • Learning Center – base edition
      • Assign externally hosted HTML content to companies and contacts
      • Microsoft Office training


    • English language
    • Extra languages (optional)
  • Admin Console
    • Custom Request Types
      • Title & Body Templates
      • Ticket Settings: Board, Status, Priority, Source, Service Type, Service Sub type, Service Item               
      • Filters
        • Default On with company/contact exceptions
        • Default Off with company/contact exceptions
      • Language
        • English
      • Impersonate
        • Impersonate contacts to test settings


***The new licensing will be released in October and will replace the current licensing. Existing customers can switch to the new licensing at any time****


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