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10 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience with Online IT Ticketing Systems

January 5, 2023

93% of customer support teams say that clients' expectations are higher than ever. No pressure, right? 

One way to ensure customers are consistently satisfied is by quickly resolving their ticket requests, and an online ticketing system is a great way to reduce that turnaround time. 

But that’s just one of the many benefits of a ticketing system. Read on for the top 10 ways an online ticketing system can change the game for organizations of all sizes. 

1. Centralize Ticket Management 

An online ticketing system allows you to centralize many tickets in one place. For businesses that deal with a large influx of ticket requests, a centralized ticketing system with automatic prioritization and reminders ensures that no ticket falls through the cracks. 

Centralized ticket management is much more efficient than managing tickets in multiple places and allows for easy tracking and resolution of customer requests.  

2. Reduce Turnaround Time 

One of the benefits of a ticket management system is that it reduces ticket resolution and turnaround time. Customers are, of course, happier with faster response times, and techs are more productive when they can tackle tickets in an efficient, standardized way. 

A robust ticketing system also allows you to track the progress of a ticket. You can see which agents are working on tickets when they started working on them, and how long they've been working on them. This information can help you determine if tickets are getting stuck in a particular part of the process or if any tickets need more attention from their teams in order for them to be resolved more quickly. 

3. Boost Customer Experience  

Your customer service is the first step to building a relationship with your customers, and in many cases, this is the most critical part of your business. The best online ticketing systems are designed to give you the tools you need to provide outstanding customer service.   

With an online ticketing system, you can track all your customer interactions in one place, use live chat and automatic status update features to stay communicative, and effectively handle customer requests.  Your customers are always kept informed about what’s going on with their requests, so they know exactly where they stand at all times during the ticket resolution process. 

4. Track Valuable Metrics and KPIs 

Tracking metrics and KPIs is essential to the success of your business. With a strong online ticketing system, you can use metrics and KPIs to measure your progress, identify areas for improvement, set goals and even get an idea of where you stand against competitors.  

Many online ticketing systems have robust reporting capabilities. Reports can demonstrate ticket resolution status, average ticket turnaround time, frequently submitted request types, and more. This allows a company to understand what processes are working and shows employees how they contribute value and where they can improve.  

5. Collaborate Easily 

 Collaboration is a cornerstone of effective teamwork, and easy collaboration is a major benefit of an online ticketing system. The system allows you to assign tasks and delegate responsibilities more easily than email or other traditional methods. This leads to a more efficient workflow, which is especially helpful when you're working on time-consuming tickets that require lots of input.   

The ticketing system makes it easy for everyone on the team—not just one person—to see the status of an issue at any given time. This encourages transparency, so there are no surprises at any phase of the ticket’s journey.  

Additionally, ticketing systems encourage teamwork by providing clear lines of communication between techs, so they know where each other stand on their assignments and projects as well as what's been accomplished thus far and what still needs doing.    

6. Update in Real Time 

Real-time updates are a vital benefit of an online ticketing system. With real-time updates, you can see what’s happening with your tickets at all times and know when they have been resolved or escalated. You will also be able to monitor the progress of any issues that arise quickly and efficiently, and the rest of the team will know that any changes have been made. 

7. Access to Support 24/7 

Another benefit of an online ticketing system is that your end users always have access to support. If your customers have questions or concerns about their tickets, they can reach out to you anytime via live chat or other features. They won’t have to wait for a business day or week; they don’t even need to be connected during regular business hours. With an online ticketing system, you can provide support 24/7 and build trust with clients. 

8. Easy-to-Use Interface 

 One benefit of an online ticketing system is its user-friendly interface. Online ticketing systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It should have a simple design that’s easy to navigate and incorporates features that anyone can use to accomplish their tasks quickly and efficiently. 

 In addition, the interface needs to be optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices are used increasingly more often than desktop computers by people who want immediate access to information anywhere they go—and in many cases, customers might scroll on their phones to get an update on their ticket.  

9. Minimal Handling Errors 

Manual data entry is one of the most common causes of errors in any system. An online ticketing system reduces this risk by minimizing the need for manual data entry. It reduces the risk of human error, which is especially important when it comes to updating tickets, and it also reduces the risk of lost data falling through the cracks due to a disappearing paper trail.     

10.  Increase Accountability 

An online ticketing system can also help you keep track of the progress of your tickets. With it, you can see who is working on your tickets and what else they are working on simultaneously. This will let you know if someone with enough expertise is working on a ticket or if there's another person who might be able to help with some part of your request. 

Additionally, an online ticketing system keeps track of how many tickets have been submitted and how many have been resolved. This gives you an idea of how well-equipped your team is for handling customer requests, as well as whether or not any steps should be taken to improve efficiency in managing these requests. 

Online IT Ticketing Systems: The Conclusion 

With cloud-based ITSM tools, you can automate your service delivery, reduce IT maintenance, and improve the customer experience. Gone are the days of investing in expensive hardware or software licenses. Accessible, cost-effective cloud-based ITSM tools are the future of IT service management.  

Looking for an ITSM tool that has all the powerful features you need? Sign up to try DeskDirector! 

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