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Service Request

What is a Service Request? 

A service request is an inquiry made by a software user (such as a tech, vendor, or customer) that initiates some sort of service action. The service requested can vary, from requesting a password reset to employees requesting time off and beyond. The services are usually detailed in a service catalog and can’t be accessed by a regular user without first submitting a request. 

Efficient IT teams have standardized procedures and automation in place to deal with service requests, most of which occur repeatedly. Service request management generally consists of: 

  • Submission: a user submits the request 
  • Assessment: the request recipient determines the requests urgency and who should handle it 
  • Fulfillment: the appropriate department sets the plan, assignments, and timeline to fulfill the request 
  • Completion: the team completes the request and closes it out 
  • Follow up: many departments will then ask the user who submitted the request for feedback 

Why Does it Matter? 

Service requests are the official channel through which software users can ask for what they need. Without them, techs would have to manually organize and respond to requests from users.  Most ITSM tools automate service request management so that requests and tickets are prioritized and resolved quickly. Service requests are a major component of the productivity of any IT organization. 

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