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Where to start when deploying DeskDirector

October 10, 2012

DeskDirector has a huge treasure chest of features to help your customer relationship become closer and go deeper.

Chat, mobile, ticket review, ticket flagging, ticket authorisation, invoice review, invoice flagging, VIP management, fast track, recommendations, shared IT, portal types, office learning and customer specific learning will all make a huge difference to the day to day relationship you have with your customer.

But with all these features it's easy to get lost in a feature avalanche so we strongly suggest starting small and growing the service.

DeskDirector can help with this.

One of DeskDirector's strengths is that features can be turned off and on for each customer and for each user.

When you install the product we create a set of DeskDirector groups in ConnectWise.

Quite simply, if the user is in DD_Flag group then the user can flag tickets and invoices for review 

If the user is not in the DD_Flag group then the user won't even know that flagging ticket for review is available because the flag ticket button doesn't appear.


We suggest the following process:

  1. That the account manager for each customer has a discussion with the site contact first and deploy to this person first.
  2. This person will be able to see all tickets and also have a flagging ability. You should make this person a VIP too!
  3. After a week we suggest that DeskDirector be deployed to all users at site and that the groups be managed so that they can see their own tickets and the learning module.
  4. About four weeks later it will be a good time to see how progress is going.
  5. We like to give the site contact mobile around so that he or she can action tickets whenever and wherever any one of their colleagues asks them too.
  6. Our experience is that after a few weeks of use a lot of customers are very keen to get their own custom training into DeskDirector. ( I will go through how to do this in another post)

Another great thing about DeskDirector is that it is as easy to turn a feature off as it is to turn on.

This helps if a customer needs more education about a feature (maybe someone who flags every ticket for review!) or some other unintended consequence occurs.

You are in control all the way.

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