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October 13, 2012

One of the toughest cycles we go through is getting recommendations over the line.

When we present options to customers it can often take some explaining and, as often, they don't want to make a decision straight away.

That's fair enough as these can be important decisions.

The problem is that often that's where the recommendation stops until the next time you talk to your customer.

DeskDirector recommendations makes sure all the active Opportunities in ConnectWise are only ever a few clicks away from your customer.

That way, once they have waited a few days and thought about it and are ready to go ahead they don't have to contact you or wait until the next meeting.

They can just do the following.

Choose Recommendations:


They will now see all the active opportunites you have in ConnectWise for them.

They can choose the one that interests them.


The customer can see all the details in ConenctWise and Flag this if they want action

(the account manager will immediately be notified)


If you have Quosal integrated into ConnectWise the View Quote  button shows.

If the customer clicks on View Quote the Quosal quote appears and they can complete the order.


As with all DeskDirector features you can turn this feature on and off on a per customer basis.

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