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How to make in-house IT your friends and advocates using DeskDirector

September 26, 2012

Our customers often have in-house IT people to look after their line of business and ERP systems.

 These guys are usually horribly under resourced.

Their issue management system is Excel and their ticket logging is a tap on the shoulder.

With DeskDirector + ConnectWise Portal Types + StreamlineIT we can not only make their life much easier but also create a powerful ally inside the customer.


Portal Types

Many of you know portal types.

These are prefigured groups of service requests that you can set up for customers.

They are the common requests like "Set up a new user", or "I need some software installed".

You can set up different portal types for each customer and have common ones across all customers.

You can match each portal type to service types and subtypes in ConnectWise.

You can prefigure SLA priority and questions you might ask the customer.

Best of all, you can decide for each type of request which service board the ticket is created on.

This is very powerful if you use it with StreamLineIT 


StreamlineIT is a mini version of ConnectWise you can set up for in-house IT staff.

They have their own special service board set up where tickets that sent just for them to action

They can bounce tickets back onto the main service boards and vice versa. 

Check it out here.

Combined with DeskDirector

DeskDirector will read and present all the portal types to the end user.

DeskDirector can then send the ticket to your staff or in-house IT depending on what service is selected.

The great win for the end user is that there is only one place to go regardless of what the IT issue is or who is responsible

The great win for in-house IT is that they can send their end users to DeskDirector (where they are going for other requests) and avoid the dreaded shoulder tap

They get a ticket management system as a bonus

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