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The Power of Integrations in a Client Portal Software

June 29, 2021

Regardless of their size, MSPs focus on three main areas: expanding their customer base, cutting their costs, and increasing their revenue streams.  

Although there are many strategies that an MSP can adopt to achieve growth, focusing on customer experience is on top of the list. By focusing on customer experience, MSPs can transform their potential and current customers into long-term clients – a process that improves revenue, lowers acquisition cost and strengthens their customer base. While it´s true that the ROI of some CX investments is difficult to determine, there is one that offers instant benefits even for traditional MSPs that still have a product-service mindset – a client portal. 

By implementing a client portal software, MSPs can more effectively manage communication and collaboration with their customers and, at the same time, improve their overall CX. Since the portal acts as the primary touchpoint with their clients, the process of choosing the right one becomes critical. 

We already know there are many things that MSPs must consider when choosing their client portal software. Things such as usage limits, security, and product features are all important and vary from one MSP to another. Still, there is one thing that often gets too little attention – integration with other technologies. 

Most MSPs use dozens of different tools and business applications such as PSA and RMM in their daily operations. Adding a client portal as yet another disparate software tool will not only make it challenging to seize its benefits, but it will add a layer of complexity to an already complex process. In other words, instead of helping them run their operations more smoothly and efficiently, having lots of disparate tools increases the back and forth with clients and lowers employee productivity.  

Here at DeskDirector, we understand an MSPs need to eliminate complexity and increase productivity, so we have integrated our client portal with some of the most-used MSP tools, including Datto Autotask PSA, ConnectWise PSA, Microsoft Flow and QuoteWerks, to name a few. 

Datto Autotask integration 

DeskDirector is integrated with Datto Autotask PSA to offer the best Customer Success platform. Built with a strong focus on UX/UI and perfectly synchronized with Datto Autotask PSA, DeskDirector allows MSPs to update their customers with new information instantly and from any device. With 1-click login to the portal, customers can easily open, update and monitor their support requests, as well as directly chat with technicians.  

ConnectWise integration 

DeskDirector is also integrated with ConnectWise PSA, offering a user-friendly client portal software solution that automates redundant tasks and improves MSPs´ quality of service by reducing the time their technicians spend on resolving tickets. This integration gives MSPs a single, intuitive and fully branded touchpoint that eliminates back and forth between accessing technical information and customer information on disparate systems. 

With these integrations, DeskDirector helps MSPs automate redundant tasks and streamline their processes by enabling their technicians to centralize all communication with customers. Giving customers easy and personalized access to support and resource libraries leads to improved productivity, QoS, and CX. 

With DeskDirector and its integration with PSA tools such as ConnectWise and Datto Autotask, MSP technicians are able to automate processes that are most repetitive and time-consuming while, at the same time, provide their customers with superior CX. 

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