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How Client Portal Analytics Drive Automation & Customer Satisfaction

June 15, 2021

In the age of Big Data, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before. Nowadays, whatever industry you are in, clients crave transparency: they expect to be able to access data about their projects and the services you are providing them with ease.  

Trying to maintain high customer satisfaction while balancing time spent communicating with customers via email or phone can make it challenging for MSPs to deliver on their SLAs. Having an effective analytics tool within your client portal can help resolve this issue while simultaneously giving you visibility on your processes and where there may be room for improvement. 

Providing Client Autonomy and Transparency 

Investing in a client web portal with in-depth analytics can help MSPs maintain healthy client relationships; not only because it allows them to deliver a more efficient and cost-effective service, but also because it generates trust with clients, giving them full transparency into processes. 

With an analytics dashboard, customers can log in to their portal and quickly see: 

  • The status of all open tickets 
  • Which tickets are being prioritized 
  • Where tickets may be getting stuck 
  • Outstanding information needed for techs to work on the tickets 
  • Average time spent on each ticket type 
  • And more 

A state-of-the-art ticket-tracking analytics tool reassures clients that you are dealing with their tickets with the required priority, and it allows them to set realistic expectations for completion timeframes. This easy-to-view dashboard means less back and forth communication, which saves time for your clients and your techs. By offering this level of transparency, clients can see your working processes first-hand and achieve greater levels of trust. 

Putting the information in the clients’ hands not only provides them with transparency, but it also gives them a level of autonomy. In an age of self-serve and UX-focused tools, we are able to empower clients to find the information they need on their own. An effective analytics tool is no longer just a way of building better customer relationships, but it’s now a key part of any client portal. 

Analytics to Drive Automation 

As an MSP, we know you are constantly looking for ways to deliver more value to your clients without overwhelming technicians or the support desk. Process automation is an integral part of improving customer satisfaction; not only reducing the risk of costly errors, but also increasing your productivity and driving down costs. 

Automation of processes, such as new employee onboarding or client approvals, is only possible through the collection, processing, and analysis of data. An advanced analytics tool will help you quickly identify where your processes may be  breaking down, allowing you to create strategies to streamline them or to alleviate bottlenecks.  

Adopting innovative and always up-to-date technology helps MSPs maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

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