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PRO TIP: Save Tech Portal as an App with the new Edge Chromium

May 5, 2020

Get it done in 3 steps: this is how quick and easy it is to save your Tech Portal as an app on your desktop computer.

step 1: do you have the latest Microsoft Edge browser?

If you don't, you should. Whatever pushed you towards Chrome or Firefox back in the days, you can now find with Edge, together with the added stability and security standards that we can expect from a Microsoft product nowadays.

Edge Chromium

STEP 2: log in your Tech Portal from Edge

Whether you use Passwordless, OAuth (our recommended option!) or simple Username and Password, log into your Tech Portal.

Tech Portal from Edge

STEP 3: Save Tech Portal as an app

We can't take credit for it, this is all Edge. You only need to click on the meatballs menu on the top right corner of your browser. You will notice an Apps menu item, just below Downloads - click on it and select Install this site as an app.

Save tech portal as an app

That's it. You now have a Tech Portal App.

Remember, this won't make magically appear push notifications - it's more of a hack to always have your Tech Portal on its separate tab in your desktop bar, rather than a nondescript tab inside a browser (and we all know how many tabs ya'll have open at all times), and it should keep you logged in for a more seamless work experience.


That's all for today!

Serena Cappellini

Written by Serena Cappellini

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