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New single Sign In Page for your DeskDirector Portal

June 5, 2020

We're happy to announce we've made big improvements to our login page!

Support Portal Login

I recommend you jump over to our KnowledgeBase and read about it in full detail - it might prompt you to look at the different ways DeskDirector allows you and your end users to login to the portal.

what's new at a glance

  • Simplified and streamlined single login page that starts by just asking you to enter your email
  • Consistent experience for all platforms
  • Much better error handling and UX
  • Allows new end users to provide basic information to help creating an account
  • When end users with multiple accounts are signing in the User Portal, it asks them which account they want to sign in to upfront

no need to save the toolbox page anymore

Last year we've introduced the Toolbox landing page to help you and your team by giving you a launch base to access either of the portal.

With the new single sign in page, you decide whether you need to access the User Portal, the Tech Portal or the Admin Console right at the start.

Huge time saver!

Single Sign-In Page


give end users different login options

Now it's a good chance to set up our Microsoft oAuth authentication, passwordless, or one of our other options available to you and your end users.

It's good to give users different ways to sign in - here at DeskDirector we recommend you enabling oAuth, it makes things so much easier for everyone.

Login Authentications


useful information about the new sign in rollout

  • PHASE 1 (now): only the root URL will route to new login page, while /admin/v2 will still route to the old login page;
  • PHASE 2 (week following PHASE 1): the Admin Portal should navigate to new login page by default. (from front-end);
  • PHASE 3 (1~2 weeks from PHASE 2): the Tech Portal should reside to new login page;
  • PHASE 4 (2~4 weeks from PHASE 3): the User Portal should use login page
    (we could make this earlier depending on how smoothly the previous phases are)


That's all for today!

Serena Cappellini

Written by Serena Cappellini

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