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Process tickets faster and more accurately -Try DD Tech Beta For Free

December 20, 2016

DD Tech makes your life easier by allowing you to process tickets faster and more accurately.

The ultimate goal of DD Tech is to provide everything you need to live your entire day in and we need your help to get there. We aim for every interaction in DD Tech to be blisteringly fast and super simple so you can get on with the stuff that matters - helping your clients.

What's in this release

Your schedule

This is the first view you will see. It shows you all the open tickets you have scheduled on your calendar. Desktop notifications alert you when: 

  • A scheduled ticket is updated 
  • A scheduled ticket reminder time has been triggered 
  • A scheduled ticket has been added to your calendar 

These notifications can be controlled on the profile screen under this button:

DD Tech - control notifications

Your schedule will be updated every 5 minutes.


The ticket view will show you a list of open tickets on the boards you have enabled on your DeskDirector admin console. At present, you can filter the ticket list by using the search bar, or limiting the board list by pressing the filter button:

DD Tech - tickets

When you click on a ticket, the ticket details will show on the right side of the screen. From here you will be able to enter time entries and add/view attachments.


The broadcast view shows you all broadcasts that have been created by your team. You can also create your own broadcasts from here (similar to the Staff HUD).

Your Profile

The profile view is where you can update your preferences for notifications and your app theme. You can upload an avatar of yourself for your clients to see in DD Portal 2 when they interact with you. Themes can be set here to match your company colors.

DD Tech Beta is ready for testing

The focus for this release is for us to iron out any bugs you encounter as well as for us to understand the features and improvements that you would like to see in future iterations. 

We ask you do two things: 

1. Give the software a good workout (It’s Web based so there’s nothing to install) 

2. Please let us know what you think on our knowledgebase. Don't be shy!

What you must know

  • You need to have setup a ConnectWise REST API key. Follow the instructions in this article.
  • You must be on ConnectWise version 2016.1 or above


Test DD Tech Beta now!

Features to come

  • Desktop version - will allow for an even better time tracking since we can detect when you go idle, and what apps you have used 
  • Pin tickets - pin tickets to get notifications on them as well as quickly reference them 
  • Macros - define macros to quickly perform common actions 
  • Improved time tracking - build up a list of tickets you have seen and spent time on to assist in entering time at the end of your day 
  • New filter options for your tickets. You will be able to filter by ticket state (open or closed), boards, assigned members, contacts, and companies. You will also be able to order by many of these fields. 
  • User presence 
  • Customisable workflow 
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) 
  • Live tickets (more to come in later blog posts)

Known issues

  • The dark theme has some readability issues on certain screens 
  • Not responsive on mobile screens (coming before general release) 
  • When attachments can't be rendered by the browser, the download options dialog looks strange 
  • When inspecting a contact from the ticket details view, the contact avatar (if available) is too far zoomed in.

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